ə' i:v
(to gain or reach successfully: He has achieved his ambition.) conseguir, lograr
achieve vb conseguir / lograr
El gerundio de achieve se escribe achieving
transitive verb
1 (finish) realizar, llevar a cabo
2 (attain) lograr, conseguir
achieve [ə'ʧi:v] vt, achieved ; achieving : lograr, alcanzar, conseguir, realizar
acabar v.
alcanzar v.
ejecutar v.
llevar a cabo v.
lograr v.
realizar v.
transitive verb
a) (accomplish) lograr

the meeting didn't achieve much — no se logró demasiado en la reunión

b) (attain) \<\<success/victory\>\> conseguir*, obtener*; \<\<aim\>\> lograr, conseguir*, alcanzar*; \<\<ambition\>\> hacer* realidad
VT (=reach) conseguir, alcanzar; (=complete) llevar a cabo; (=accomplish) realizar

he will never achieve anything — él no hará nunca nada

what do you hope to achieve by that? — ¿qué esperas lograr con eso?

VI (=be successful) avanzar, hacer progresos

the children are not achieving as they should — los niños no avanzan or hacen los progresos que debieran

* * *
transitive verb
a) (accomplish) lograr

the meeting didn't achieve much — no se logró demasiado en la reunión

b) (attain) \<\<success/victory\>\> conseguir*, obtener*; \<\<aim\>\> lograr, conseguir*, alcanzar*; \<\<ambition\>\> hacer* realidad

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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